Firearm of the Week – German Model 1879 Revolver. 2001.36.1

By the late nineteenth century, America and England had begun to adopt revolvers as a staple to the military, but some European Armies followed a little slower. They retained the philosophy that personal side arms were more a symbol of rank for the military, so they were not quick to adopt a standard pistol. In horribly simpler terms, the pistol was to the military in the nineteenth century as a designer bag is to a female celebrity today. It denoted status.

But as popularity grows, it becomes engrained into the status quo. The German Model 1879 Revolver was just that. In 10.6mm scharfe Revolver-Patrone caliber, this revolver was the first standard, cartridge-firing handgun adopted by the German military. It was a single action, six-shot revolver that had a separate rod for ejecting spent cartridges.

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